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If you have caught the wedding virus,

...this might just be the cure!"

The Wedding Virus Book By Natalie Shell
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About The Wedding Virus

"Like a conversation with your best friend.
It was so funny I read it in one sitting."
- 5 Stars!
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Filled with bite-sized chicklit pieces on love, engagement life and
everything in between. As it actually happens.
Not how they told us it would be. 
Download it to your phone, pop it into your handbag.
Read it between meetings, on the road, with your
girlfriends, or simply to laugh and know that you are not alone.
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Meet The Author

Natalie Shell Author The Wedding Virus



Natalie Shell is an Australian design thinker, storyteller & coach.


In addition to spurting Chick Lit she's one half of, ex-Product Manager & UX Junkie at and a former Change Consultant.


An avid traveller, she has lived and worked in 5 countries. These days she lives in Tel Aviv with her Mr. and their son. ​


Previously thought to be immune, she caught and survived the Wedding Virus.


She is working on her second collection The Baby Epidemic.

My Story


Over the last 7 years I've been exploring, collecting and documenting stories about women, and sharing them with gal-pals near and far via email.


Little snippets to be read when you catch yourself in moments between: meetings, cab-rides, life....


What started out as a way to fill a 7-hour forced layover at Heathrow became a side project while working at my day job in a start-up.


A fun way to explore love, life and everything in between - and of course the Wedding Virus. The stuff me and my girlfrends around the world were talking about. As it actually happens. Not how they told us.

And suddenly I realised it was time to free them from my inbox and closet.


So I took the gamble and decided to release them. I'd love to share them with a wider audience. With you.


The book is a collection of the best pieces I've written. Perfect for anyone who's ever wanted love, is engaged or...has caught the wedding bug.


Designed to be read like candy - as much or as little as you can stomach. Or as one of my friend's calls it "chick lit for the busy gal on the go".

If you like it, I'd love you to pass it on to your friends. And help spread the word. Who knows, maybe one person will read what she needed to hear at exactly the right time. Maybe you'll giggle or nod or cry. The only way I'll know is if it's out there...

Thanks for giving me and them a chance.

I hope you enjoy my book!

x Natalie

PS Still interested?
I'd love you to buy the book / eBook. And if you do, I'd love you to let me know what you think in the reviews or via the contact form below!

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